Trick-or-Treaters: You’re on notice!

Halloween and I have always been on shaky ground. It’s a love-hate thing. I love to decorate for Halloween, but I hate to dress up, or hand out candy. When my kidlings were little, I loved to dress them in elaborate costumes that I sewed myself (seriously, Disney, eat your heart out), but I hated to take them Trick-or-Treating. As a child, I rarely went, so I suppose I just couldn’t get into the spirit of it when my kids were kids. Not that I stopped them.

Now, that the kids are older, everything’s changed. First, I can’t dress them in cute or clever matching costumes. The Boy dresses up as a zombie almost every year. Not hard, he has everything. The Girl plans all year, changing her mind weekly so I couldn’t plan if I wanted to, and finally ends up with something in the “steampunk” category. Again, by this time we have almost everything. They go to different parties. Hubby answers the door and I hold The Cat’s leash and keep her from freaking out in her little costume by every two-year-old pumpkin that shows up at the door and shrieks at the sight of a black cat on a leash. Last year she was a quivering little dragon. This year, she may go as a “nervous wreck.” I’m trying to figure out how to convey that concept.

Anyway, there are so many interesting costumes out there now, for kids and adults, but it’s the young women that concern me. I’d love to say dressing up is for the kids, but it’s not. Adults love to see the kids dress up, and women enjoy the excuse to get away with wearing in public what they wouldn’t otherwise wear outside the bedroom, let alone the house. As out society’s rules continue to relax, as well as our standard and seemingly good taste, I wonder who’s going to draw a line.

I will. Right now. Everyone is on notice. If someone shows up at my house in this, I will throw a black ball of fur and claws at you, pull it back with a leash, then do it again. I will repeat that as long as it takes until Hubby can get the hose. The hose is for you, not me. Are we clear? This will not happen on my front porch:


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